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Southeast Michigan's Flower and Plant Source for High-End Landscaping Professionals

When you need to really "wow" your clients with top-quality flowers and plants, Moose and Squirrel are the greenhouse gurus that can help. Our large variety of plants offers you the selection you need to create unique and beautiful landscapes for your customers. We work only with the region's top growers to ensure that our products are of the highest quality.

Got a challenging job? NO PROBLEM! We are a flexible and friendly flower provider that will help you with selection and design ideas.

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We Source Our Flowers and Plants from the Region's Top Growers

At Moose and Squirrel, we know that quality and variety are everything to professional landscapers. We work with multiple suppliers of plants and flowers to give our landscaping contractors more options and flexibility when designing and creating beautiful landscapes. We work with you to select the right products to meet your client's needs and keep their properties looking great all season long!

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We Design With You to Deliver Beautiful Landscaping Solutions

With our expert knowledge of our offerings, we are the perfect partner for landscapers tackling complex design projects. We understand what our plants and flowers need to stay healthy all season long. We can help you with placement and pairing to ensure that your design does not crowd out or injure nearby plants. We also advise on plant care so that you can communicate to your clients the best ways to keep their property looking great.

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Convenient and Affordable Delivery

Save a trip! We are happy to offer convenient delivery services to our landscaper clients. We service Southern Michigan and Northwest Ohio. While we strive to fulfill all of our customers' orders, we advise that orders be placed sooner than later, especially with custom items/requests. We ask for a minimum of a four-day lead time for all orders to prep and schedule our drivers.

See our Shipping Map & Fee Schedule for delivery pricing.

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We Work Hard To Ensure That Every Order is Perfect and Every Customer is Satisfied

(Even the cat is working hard as a paperweight)

We are excited about helping you find the perfect solution for your wholesale greenery needs and making sure that your order and pick-up or delivery experiences are seamless and headache free.

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