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Diverse Selection, Expert Knowledge, and Amazing Service.

We are Southeast Michigan's nicest & funniest wholesale suppliers of garden and landscaping supplies

Moose & Squirrel Horticultural Resources is a new company with old, dependable resources. We have experience in greenhouse growing, landscaping, landscape design, special event planning, live greens, produce, and business management. When we say resources, we mean all green industry resources! From specialty live Christmas decorations to Michigan grown produce to filling an order for 30,000 Euonymus ‘Coloratus’ plugs, we can do it all.

We help landscapers, garden centers, and mom-and-pop shops find the best product for their customers. Whether you are looking for the odd and hard-to-find varieties, the bulk quantities, or a fresh set of eyes on a problem project, we are here to help.

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Annuals, Perennials, Succulents, and Fresh Cut Greens.

We Have Everything You Need, In Stock, and Ready For Delivery

Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter... we have everything you are looking for no matter the season! From hybrid and Calla lilies in the Spring to Poinsettias and Decorative topiaries at Christmas, you will be amazed at our healthy and diverse selection. We work only with the best seed and bulb vendors and suppliers to ensure our stock is plentiful and ready to meet what ever your application may be.

We Can Meet the Wholesale Needs of Any Organization With Our Flexible Services

Whether you are a landscaping professional with a demanding client, an upscale garden center that requires top-quality products, or a smaller retail shop looking for a diverse selection, we have what you need. No matter the size, Moose and Squirrel works with our customers to deliver beautiful flowers and greenery on their terms. We can fill the special orders that our competition can’t, and we always do it with a smile!

We Work Hard To Ensure That Every Order is Perfect and Every Customer is Satisfied

(Even the cat is working hard as a paperweight)

We are excited about helping you find the perfect solution for your wholesale greenery needs and making sure that your order and pick-up or delivery experiences are seamless and headache free.

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