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Meet the Team | Moose & Squirrel Horticultural Resources - Colleen_pic

Colleen Meiring


I was born to be wild and go wherever my sister the wind may take me. I have a Master in Rabble Rousing and a PHD in Sarcasm with a minor in questioning authority. I have mastered the art of not taking myself seriously.

Favorite Cocktail: Most anything on the rocks.

Can be Quoted Saying: "Sailor Language *%$@&" (Let’s just say the swear jar overflows in the busy season)

Interpretation: No one has ever died from getting the wrong color plant. It’ll all work out.

Theme Song: Proud Mary by Tina Turner (Not from CCR!)

Meet the Team | Moose & Squirrel Horticultural Resources - Joy_pic

Joy Fisher-Griffin

Account Specialist

B.S. in Family Services (1980); Two years later I figured out that working with plants is far easier than working with people; if a plant has a problem you water it, spray it, or put it on the compost pile, you just can’t do that with people! And thus my 30+ years in horticulture began!

I have been part owner of a retail greenhouse specializing in the unusual, including 425 varieties of perennials; a sales person in a high-end retail garden center. On the wholesale side of the industry I have been a sales rep at a major landscape supply company selling nursery stock, perennials and annuals, as well as selling perennial liners and nursery stock to growers in Michigan, Ohio, Western New York and Ontario. That’s how I met the Moose and the Squirrel!

Favorite exterior plants: Perennials

Favorite interior plants: African Violets

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Audrey Estes - Owens

Tender of the 'Odd Jobs'

At the greenhouse you can find me either helping with social media, invoicing, entering orders, taking pictures, in the greenhouse processing orders, updating the availability, herding cats, working with customers, or just generally helping wherever I can. Is there a problem? I'm not a miracle worker, but I will do everything I can to keep your customer happy!

Favorite Plant: Peace Lily

Favorite Beverage: Beer Please

Meet the Team | Moose & Squirrel Horticultural Resources - 00000001

Rita Marcero


I’ve been working in the green industry for over 40 years. Although I’m semi-retired, I try to help Moose & Squirrel when I can. Its mostly answering phones & filing paperwork but I can still pull an order or load a van if needed. I’m the friendly voice on the phone, the one to hand out granola bars & water for pick-ups or the one to roll my eyes when they make bad jokes. (And, believe me, there are a lot!)

Favorite Annual: Vinca Periwinkle

Favorite Beverage: Irish Whiskey (on the rocks, of course)

Meet the Team | Moose & Squirrel Horticultural Resources - Lee_pic

Lee Steffensky

Fearless Leader

No further information is available. We believe he is in the witness protection program. There’s a reason he carries a flip phone! (Can’t break this brick!!)

Favorite Quote: There’s a limit to good taste but, there’s no limit to bad taste.

Favorite Cocktail: The Last Word (created at the DAC, 1916). Call for the recipe.

Favorite Song: September by Earth, Wind & Fire

The Hardest Working People in Show Business!

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We Work Hard To Ensure That Every Order is Perfect and Every Customer is Satisfied

(Even the cat is working hard as a paperweight)

We are excited about helping you find the perfect solution for your wholesale greenery needs and making sure that your order and pick-up or delivery experiences are seamless and headache free.

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